The Merry Wives of Windsor (Utah Shakespeare Festival 2018) Press/Lessons

“Overflowing with ‘abundant comfort and joy’”

“It's fun and it's funny.” “Absolute perfection.”

“Lighthearted fun.” “Consistently entertaining.”

“Delicious.” “Inspired.” “Truly enchanting.”

“No two ways about it: the Utah Shakespeare Festival rehearsal schedule is challenging…”more

Murder for Two (Cincinatti Playhouse in the Park 2018) Press/Lessons

“Zany.” “Rollicking.” “Produces countless laughs.”

“Manically funny.” “Endless physical humor.”

“Leaps to life with immensely high energy.”

“Something for everyone.” “It’s just plain pleasure.”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover. Blake Robison, the Artistic Director at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has been…”more

Once Upon A Mattress (Caine College) Press/Lessons

“Alive and vibrant.” “Flawless.” “Playful.”

“Hysterically funny.” “Stunning.”

“Show-stopping.” “Hauntingly lyrical.”

“Clever and bold.” “Keeps audiences in stitches.”

“I was delighted to receive (and accept) the offer to direct Mary Rodgers’ silly and splendid musical…”more

Hamlet (The Rep) Press/Lessons

“Worth waiting for.” “Dynamic.” “Must-see theatre.”

“Well-crafted and fresh.” “Brilliantly realized.”

“Thrilling.” “Devastating.” “Lively and fast-paced.”

“Beautifully crafted.” “A theatrical triumph.”

“Everything, actually. How could I not? It’s Hamlet, after all. Preparation is everything. Assemble the best…”more

Deathtrap (Syracuse Stage) Press/Lessons

“A hit.” “Riveting.”

“Grabs you by the throat.”

“A blast.” “Terrific theater.”

“Energetic, sharp.” “First class.”

Deathtrap was one of those assignments that I was more happy to be offered for the opportunity to work…”more

Crucible (Arkansas Rep) Press/Lessons

“Combustible.” “Harrowing.”

“Bewitching.” “Terrorizing.”

“Palpable.” “Raw and resonating.”

“Echoes as pertinent as it does ancient.”

“I was the bridge between Artistic Directors who were changing jobs in 2016-’17. First, as we were getting ready…”more…

Macbeth (Chesapeake Shakespeare) Press/Lessons

“Propulsive.” “Taut.” “Spine-tingling.”

“Robust, action-packed.” “Haunting.”

“Powerful.” “Superb.” “Outstanding.”

“Immersive.” “Creepy, suspenseful.”

“Sometimes you go for the adventure – and most times the adventure is absolutely worth it. Such was the case…”more…

Peter Pan (Syracuse Stage) Press/Lessons

“Clockwork precision.” “Simply stunning!.”

“Combines high thrill with magic and wonder.”

“Delightful.” “Exhilarating.” “Remarkable.”

“Breathes new life into the story.”

Peter Pan is a bitch. That’s what I learned, though not for the first time. I have sworn for some time…”more

The Tempest (Webster Conservatory) Press/Lessons

“Breathtaking.” “Delightful.” “smart.”

“Splendid.” “Sumptuously exotic.” “Magical.”

“Irresistibly alluring and otherworldly.”

“Intensely emotional; physically vivid.”

The Tempest was another of Shakespeare’s plays that I’d done my best to avoid. Perhaps it’s because…”more

Of Mice and Men (Clarence Brown Theatre) Press/Lessons

“Raw, realistic.”

“Poignant, raw, moving.”

“Always authentic.” “Soul-shaking.”

“Layered richness.” “Strong performances.”

“If you cry you lose. That phrase was my somewhat frequent admonition to the actors in Of Mice and Men…”more

The Glass Menagerie (Great River Shakespeare Festival) Press/Lessons


“Carefully drawn.”

“Marvelous.” “Exquisite.”

“Fine production.”

“Give people an excellent script, cast the production well, do your homework, be given a generous rehearsal…”more

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Rep Theatre of St. Louis) Press/Lessons

“Accessible, engaging, and entertaining.” “Fun.”

“Absolutely lucid.” “Dazzling.” “hilarious.”

“Whimsical and transportive.” “Superb.”

“A dream to remember.” “Hypnotic and lovely.”

“This was my eighth or ninth production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I actually thought I’d directed…”more

The Merry Wives of Windsor (GRSF) Press/Lessons

“Surprising depth.” “Ingenious and moving.”

“Smart and creative.” “Bubbly.” “A delight.”

“Wonderful.” “Fabulous.” “Worth the journey.”

“Silly and fun.” “For the Will-phobes among us.”

“I was too intimidated by The Merry Wives of Windsor to suggest we produce it (and that I direct it)…”more

Tribes (Phoenix Theatre) Press/Lessons

“Daring.” “Enthralling.”

“Riveting.” “Lyrical.” “Moving.”

“Exquisite.” “Touching depth.”

“Impressive.” “Exceptional.”

“If there was a politically incorrect pitfall concerning Nina Raine’s astonishing play, Tribes, I managed to…”more

The Mousetrap (Rep Theatre of St. Louis) Press/Lessons

“First-rate.” “Skillful.” “Well worth seeing.”

“Superb direction.” “Perfectly delightful.”

“Lavish, gripping.” “Precisely executed.”

“Perfect.” “wonderful.” “Genuinely haunting.”

“2013 was the year of Vanya, Sonia, Masha, and Spike and Other Desert Cities, two plays…”more

Macbeth (Hilberry Theatre) Press/Lessons

“Diabolical.” “Barbaric.” “grisly.”

“Revels in contradiction.” “Animalistic.”

“Magnificent madness.” “Blood-gorged.”

“Wickedly wonderful.” “Crimson splendor.”

“I came away from having directed my fourth production of Macbeth convinced that the play really is…”more

Twelfth Night (Great River Shakespeare Festival) Press/Lessons

“Perfect.” “avoids every trap.”

“Poignant and deep.” “Hysterically funny.”

“Psychologically astute.” “Endlessly entertaining.”

“Brilliantly conceived” “Flawlessly executed.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a production reviewed as being ‘perfect,’ but to my delight and surprise…”more

Irving Berlin's White Christmas (Syracuse Stage) Press/Lessons

“Dazzling.” “Flawless; fluidly directed.”

“Genuine relationships, cogent portrayals.”

“Doesn't miss a detail; Vibrant and nostalgic.”

“A treat for eyes, ears, and psyches.”

“It’s always great to get a second chance to tackle a play as large and complex…”more

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Press/Lessons

“Shakespeare exactly as you like it.”

“As always. . . the acting is subtly superb.”

“Crackles with humor and physical comedy.”

“A crowd-pleaser from start to finish.”

“This was actually my fourth production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona, but the first time…”more

The Comedy of Errors at The Rep Press/Lessons

“Joyous; inspired nonsense.” “brilliant; must-see.”

“Magical, enchanted, fun-loving, delightful, rousing.”

“Timed with military precision.” “Uniformly splendid.”

“Three Stooges, meet William Shakespeare.”

“Getting to work on our 1936, New Orleans-at-Mardi-Gras version of The Comedy of Errors a second time…”more

The Miracle Worker Press/Lessons


“Memorable theater.”

“Powerful, brutally honest, yet life-affirming.”

“Well-crafted, inspirational.”

“Probably the most memorable thing about directing The Miracle Worker was…”more

Macbeth Press/Lessons


“Raucous, highly physical, blood-soaked.”

“Theatre at its finest.” “A compelling production.”

“Bloody brilliant.”

“The third time isn’t necessarily the charm, but it sure helps…”more

Irving Berlin's White Christmas (Pioneer) Press/Lessons

“An absolute delight.”

“Not to be missed.”

“Brilliant choreography; sure direction.”

“A big holiday present of a musical.”

“I often think people who are snobs about musical theatre are simply short-sighted.  Everything I have learned…”more

The Comedy of Errors Press/Lessons

“Brilliantly directed.” “Sensational. A must-see.”

“Colorful. Wild. Funny.” “A masterpiece.”

“Shakespeare on steroids.”

“A finely drawn production.”

“Steal from the best: that’s what I learned. I wish I could say that the 1930’s, New Orleans-at-Mardi Gras setting…”more

Noises Off Press/Lessons

“Turns up the volume of laughter.”

“Demented; manic.”

“Enough energy and mayhem to fill the stage.”

“Slapstick and pratfalls abound.” “A grand time.”

“A director friend once told me, ‘Now that I’ve directed Noises Off, nothing will scare me again.’ Getting to work…”more

Man of La Mancha Press/Lessons

“A triumph.”

“Brilliantly conceived.”

“Ingeniously designed.”

“Enthralling storytelling.”

“One of the challenges of this production was knitting a cast of 34 actors…”more

Amadeus (St. Louis Rep) Press/Lessons

“Exciting; powerful.” “Haunting, elegant.”

“Immensely resourceful.” “Stunning direction.”

“A polished production, authoritatively staged.”

“Potent and affecting.”

“I think it's Salieri's play -- at least in that we experience the story through his ravaged mind…”more

Love's Labour's Lost Press/Lessons

“Rolling in the aisles funny.”

“Exquisite.” “Hilarious staging.”

“A play not to miss, full of laughs and delight.”

“A rousing success.”

“The most important lesson, I think, was that an audience as new to Shakespeare as is GRSF’s…”more

Romeo & Juliet (Pioneer) Press/Lessons


“Eloquentdisarmingly direct.”

“Dazzling.” “Genuinely moving.”

"Don't wait. . . a fine version you shouldn't miss."

“The opportunity to direct Romeo and Juliet at Pioneer Theatre Company gave me the chance…”more

Saint Joan Press/Lessons

“Superb story, brilliantly told.”

“A polished and sumptuous production.”

“Brilliant direction.” “compelling theatre.”

“Reveals a deep understanding of Shavian ideas.”

“With Shaw, it's all about the arguments. Get them clear and you're not home free, but…”more

Henry IV, Part One (Folger) Press/Lessons


“Staged with vigor.”

“Magnificently powerful.”

“Heroic, engagingforceful.”

“I’d been itching to do another play with Tom Story, ever since we worked together on Gross Indecency…”more

The Diary of Anne Frank Press/Lessons

“Chilling. Devastating.” “A resonating triumph.”

“Wrenchingly performed.”

“Visceral. Powerful.” “Finely drawn production.”

“A finely drawn production.”

“Just as we encourage actors not to play the end of the moment …”more

King Lear Press/Lessons

“Heart-wrenching; packs a punch.”

“Powerful; hits home; elemental.”

“A grand, bleak story, starkly told.”

“Renders the horror plainly; no ducking its punch.”

“Lear is tough. No two ways about it. And it’s really tough on a two-and-a-half-weeks-til-tech…”more

Shakespeare's R&J Press/Lessons

“Brilliantlucid and impassioned.”

“Inspired direction.”

“Bold.” “Impeccable.” “Fresh and sexy.”

“Mesmerizing.” “Smoking hot.”

“What I already knew about the story from my experience directing Romeo and Juliet paid off in spades…”more

The Foreigner Press/Lessons

“Rousing.”  “A hilarious romp.”

“Sizeable laughs; wonderful insights.”

“A comic tour de force.”

“Skillfully directed.” “Warm, witty, humane.”

“So many people told me they didn’t want to see my production of The Foreigner, I began to get…”more

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Press/Lessons

“Magical.” “Fresh, inventive.”

“Delivers the magic.” “Satisfying spectacle.”

“Exuberant  engaging, enchanting.”

“Uniformly winning.” “A classic.”

Chuck Morey’s offer to direct the first west-of-the-Hudson River production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…”more

Little Shop of Horrors Press/Lessons

“A high camp hit.” “ A-class treatment.”

“An expert dose of sly humor.”  “A guilty delight.”

“Radiate[s] quality and loving care.”

“Thoroughly entertaining.”

Once again, I learned to trust good material and just tell the story. Although often thought of and described as…”more

All My Sons Press/Lessons

“Deeply compelling.”

“Taut, engrossing.”


“Passionate theatre for historic times.”

Always talk to your designers.  As is often the case, I was working with designers who were knew to me…”more

Copenhagen Press/Lessons

“Explode[s] with the force of a nuclear bomb.”

“Makes you feel bright.” “artful.”

“Masterful.” “Ingenious.” “Riveting.”

“Atomic theater.” “Radioactive theatrics.”

There’s nothing like listening to an atom bomb explosion while driving at a very high speed across…”more

Hay Fever Press/Lessons

“Feverish laughter.” “Outlandishly stylish.”

“Shimmers with wit.” “Bubbles over with fun.”

“Energetic, undeniably high style.” “Effervescent.”

“Infectious fun.” “Brisk, fast, and funny.”

Hay Fever has been a part of my life since college.  A group of friends from summer stock days…”more

A Skull In Connemara Press/Lessons

“Brilliant acting.”

“Superbly staged exquisite acting.”

“Slow-burning intensity chilling.”

“Smashing performances.” “Triumphs.”

One of my chief memories of directing A Skull in Connemarra is spending opening night flat on my back…”more

Floyd Collins Press/Lessons

“Superb stage direction.”

“A profound theatrical experience.”

“Inspired; passionate and effective.”

“Captures the true spirit.” “Richly theatrical.”

“I first discovered Floyd Collins when I was driving from San Diego to Ashland. Needing something new…”more

All My Sons Press/Lessons

“Engaging, fast-paced, wonderfully acted.”

“One of the best plays of the season.” “Flawless.”

“Compelling; grandly, entertaining.” “Mesmerizing.”

“Nothing less than perfection.” “Electrifying.”

Being picketed on opening night of Gross Indecency at Missouri Repertory Theatre was a real first…”more

The Glass Menagerie (Press/Lessons)

“Vivid, explosive.” “Beautiful.” “Shattering.”

“Exceptionally well conceived “Engaging.”

“Gutsy.” “The heat has been turned up.”

“Magic.” “Moves like an Ellington blues.”

The Glass Menagerie was one of the first free-lance assignments to fall my way after leaving…”more

Training Program Productions (Press/Lessons)

“Persuasive acting; excellent staging.”

“Highly satisfying delightful.” “Engaging.”

“Charming actors; clear story-telling.”

“Highly engaging; filled with sense and humor.”

Inevitably – and fortunately – a typical year of free-lance directing has included at least one assignment…”more

Background Photo: Christopher Gerson, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pioneer Theatre Company (Photo: Alex Weisman)

Banner Photos:
The Merry Wives of Windsor photo: Stephanie Lambourn, John Ahlin, Tarah Flanagan (Photo: Karl Hugh © Utah Shakespeare Festival 2018)

Murder for Two photo: Eric Van Tielen, Eric Shorey (Photo: Mikki Schaffner Photography © Cincinnati Shakespeare in the Park 2018)

Once Upon a Mattress photo: Company (Photo: Andrew McAllister )

Hamlet photo: Harrison Farmer, Chaunery Kingsford Tanguay, Christopher Gerson, Jim Poulos, Jerry Vogel, Noah Benjamin Cornwell (Photo: Peter Wochniak)

Deathtrap photo: Carl Howell, James Lloyd Reynolds (Photo: Michael Davis)

The Crucible photo: Michael Stewart Allen, Stephanie Lambourn (Photo: Stephen B. Thornton)

Macbeth photo: Greta Boeringer, Jeff Keough, Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly, Tamieka Chavis (Photo: Teresa Castracane)

Peter Pan photo: Donald Corren, Kraig Swartz (Photo © 2015 Brenna Merritt)

The Tempest photo: Bernell Lassai (Photo © 2015 Eric Woolsey)

Of Mice and Men photo: Kyle Maxwell, Cynthia Anne Roser (Photo: Brynn Yeager)

The Glass Menagerie photo: Andrew Carlson, Stephanie Lambourn (Photo: Kathy Christenson)

A Midsummer Night's Dream photo: Jeffrey Omura, Gracyn Mix, Caroline Amos, Andy Rindlisbach (Photo: Brynn Yeager)

The Merry Wives of Windsor photo: Jonathan Gillard Daly (Photo © 2014 Great River Shakespeare Festival)

The Mousetrap photo: Christian Pedersen, Tarah Flanagan (Photo © 2013 Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

MACBETH photo: Megan Barbour, Danielle Cochrane (Photo © 2013 Bruce Griffin)

TWELFTH NIGHT photo: Tarah Flanagan, Corey Allen, Donny Repsher and Brian White (background) (Photo © 2013 Michal Daniel)

IRVING BERLIN’S WHITE CHRISTMAS photo: Ensemble, Syracuse Stage (Photo: Michael Davis)

THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA photo: Ryan Fonville, Evan Fuller, Great River Shakespeare Festival (Photo © 2012 Michal Daniel)

COMEDY OF ERRORS photo: Lenny Wolpe, Jack Forbes Wilson, Rep Theatre of St. Louis (Photo: Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

THE MIRACLE WORKER photo: Anna O’Donoghue, Jacqueline Baum, Syracuse Stage (Photo: Alex Weissman)

MACBETH photo: Timothy D. Stickney, Rep Theatre of St. Louis (Photo: Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

IRVING BERLIN’S WHITE CHRISTMAS photo: Ensemble, Pioneer Theatre Company (Photo: Alex Weissman)

COMEDY OF ERRORS photo: Doug Scholz-Carlson, Christopher Gerson, Great River Shakespeare Festival (Photo: Alec Wild)

NOISES OFF, photo: Jane Ridley, Deanne Lorette, Zachary Michael Fine, David Graham Jones, A. Bryan Humphrey, Chelsey Whitelock Hawkins, Tarah Flanagan, Christopher Gerson, Fulton Theater (Photo: Craig Leaper)

MAN OF LA MANCHA photo: David Kortemeier, Neil Friedman, Clarence Brown Theatre (Photo: Kenton Yeager)

AMADEUS photo: Jim Poulos, Elizabeth Stanley, Rep Theatre of St. Louis (Photo: Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST photo: Brian David Frederick, Doug Scholz-Carlson, Chris Mixon, Andrew Carlson, Great River Shakespeare Festival (Photo: Alec Wild)

ROMEO AND JULIET photo: Matt Jared, Amelia McLean, Pioneer Theatre Company (Photo: Pioneer Theatre Company)

SAINT JOAN photo: Tarah Flanagan, Rep Theatre of St. Louis (Photo: Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

HENRY IV, PART ONE photo: Delaney Williams, Tom Story, Folger Theatre Company (Photo: Folger Theatre Company)

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK photo: Aya Cash, Denver Center Theatre Company (Photo: Denver Center Theatre Company)

KING LEAR photo: Catherine Stork, Jonathan Epstein, Anne Hering and Company, Orlando Shakespeare Theater (Photo: Tony Firriolo)

SHAKESPEARE’S R&J photo: Bobby Steggert, Rep Theatre of St. Louis (Photo: Henry Naunheim, Jr.)

THE FOREIGNER photo: Lloyd Mulvey, Jane Ridley, Chris Mixon, Utah Shakespeare Festival (Photo: Karl Hugh)

DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST photo: Kraig Swartz, Mark Light-Orr, Jeremy Stolle and Company, Pioneer Theatre Company (Photo: Robert Clayton)

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS photo: Peter Riopelle, Tina Stafford, Utah Shakespeare Festival (Photo: Karl Hugh © Utah Shakespeare Festival)

ALL MY SONS photo: Andrew Groble, Jim Baker, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (Photo: Kenton Yeager)

COPENHAGEN photo: James Edmondson (Photo: © Indiana Repertory Theatre)

A SKULL IN CONNEMARA photo: Joseph Hanreddy, Brian Vaughn, Laurie Birmingham, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre (Photo: Milwaukee Repertory Theatre)

HAY FEVER photo: Mary Dolson Kildare, Brian Vaughn, Utah Shakespeare Festival (Photo © 2002 Utah Shakespeare Festival. Photo by Michal Daniel)

FLOYD COLLINS photo: Don Burroughs, Tony Clements, Skylight Opera Theatre (Photo: Kenton Yeager)

GROSS INDECENCY: THE THREE TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE photo: Michael Fitzpatrick, Tom Story, Arthur Hanket, Kansas City Repertory Theatre (Photo: Kansas City Repertory Theatre)

THE GLASS MENAGERIE photo: Arthur Hanket (Photo: Kenton Yeager)

TRAINING PROGRAM PRODUCTIONS photo: Vanecia J, John Maltese (Photo © 2012 Don Cadette)